Recent Thrifty Finds!

First cab off the rank is this gorgeous Queen Anne style vintage coffe table.  Ain't she a beauty!  Look at those amazing curves. She just needs a good coat of white chalk paint and some distressing. :)  I haven't decided whether to keep or sell yet.

I've had my eye out for a Bentwood chair at a bargain price.  This isn't quite one, but looks similar and was a reasonable price.  I love the cane latice seat.  Sorry its not a great pic and that I started to paint it prior to taking a "before" pic. I think this would would look lovely in our bedroom. :)

I love this old Trafalgar First Aid kit.  It's made of tin and came with an old vintage style key to lock it with.  Love it.  Not sure what the yellow marks are on the bottom (anyone?) or whether I will paint over it all, but I do plan to attach it to the wall (most likely in the kitchen as our bathroom walls were tiled roof to floor by the previous owners which is a pain when you want to hang anything) and fill it with medical supplies. With 2 little kids we must always have a large supply of Wiggles and Dora bandaids. :)

This ugly duckling has lost its bow and been given a few coats of white spray paint.  She came up a treat and now sits on our front porch. :)  Tick that one off the "wanted list". :)

And this old looking barometer.  Not really sure of it's age but I've always wanted one of these, don't ask me why, I just thought they looked cool. :)  It will find a place in my entryway.

Until next time!


  1. Oh My - you find the coolest stuff! Cant wait to see the end results xxx Nat


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