HALDA Vintage Portable Typewriter

Today I was lucky enough to find this HALDA Vintage Typewriter at a garage sale.  I had to fight another guy for it, but at $20, I'm thrilled to say it is now mine to treasure. :)  

And it came in an old vintage metal hard case.

The elderly gentleman I bought it off said he was doing invoices on this typewriter many, many years ago.  I love being able to chat to the owner and find out some history about the pieces I collect. 

And, as this is my first old typewriter, I decided to do some Googling to find out a bit more about it's history.

It is a HALDA MODEL P and is the first "Halda" portable typewriter made. Judging by the serial number, mine would have been built in approximately 1955. Making it almost 60 years old. 

I also discovered it is one of the few Swedish made typewriters and was originally sold in Vienna, Austria.  

Mine has a label on the back indicating it has been distributed by Pincombe Sydney Pty Ltd.  Although the company is deregistered, I did find a listing in Lismore.

Further, at one time in the later stages of his writing career, Ernest Hemingway apparently broke away from American-made typewriters (Royals in particular) to use the Swedish Halda.

I hope you enjoyed my brief history lesson, and if anyone has any further information I'd love to hear from you. 

:) Julie


  1. Julie,
    Congratulations that is a great find!

  2. Just got one in our shop. Super excited


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