White Farmhouse Corner Cabinet

This is my new white farmhouse style corner cabinet.

Recently I gave you a tour of my lounge and dining rooms.  What I forgot to mention is that I have been looking for a lovely white corner display cupboard to fit in the corner on the right behind the dining table.  

That space just seemed so bare and I've seen so many dining rooms with great little white display cupboards that I just had to have one! :)  

So when one came up on ebay for the right price and just around the corner, I made an offer straight away and picked up that baby the next morning. :)  Because as we all know, he who hesitates misses out. :)

So here is how it looked when I got it.

It was in excellent like new condition, just required a few coats of white chalk paint, and a little distressing. Don't you love the way chalk paint chips off. :)

And the end result is a decorative and functional storage and display cabinet. :)

Oh, and I also changed the wooden door knobs for black metal ones that I salvaged from the cupboard doors that I removed in the kitchen.  But that is another story which I will be sharing soon... :)

Now I can spend the next month or more primping and rearranging the ornaments to display on it. :)

I'm currently redoing the kitchen, but haven't forgot those brown doors need a coat of paint too. :)

Never a dull DIY moment in my house.

 :) Julie


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