Cheap Paint

Guess what, a little birdie told me that the hardware store has a small section of mis-tinted paints that you can buy for a fraction of the price!!!

And guess what, that little birdie was right. :)

Okay, so I only just discovered this, but better late than never, right? 

And, if you get a light colour you can re-tint.  And if you are not majorly fussy on the shade, you can get something close and settle, or add some more acrylic paint to change the shade or colour.  

You can pay between around a quarter to a third of the normal full price!!

And what is even cooler is I picked up a 2 litre can of the exact brand ceiling paint I already use, tinted the perfect shade of turquoise for only $10! See Exhibit A, turquoise birdcage above. :)

Gorgeous, right?

So next time you are looking for some coloured paint, check the mis-tinted section first!

:) Julie


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