Vintage Etched Glass Mirrors

I went to a deceased estate sale last weekend and the lovely gentleman running it was selling his mother's possessions.

As soon as I walked in the house I saw this gorgeous round mirror on the wall and fell in love.  

Then he said he had another one I might like and pulled out this one. 

 Okay, so I was in love x 2.
Look at the beautiful etched glass flowers and scalloped edges. 

They are quite large and very heavy.  
They even have the original metal chain link hangers on the back!  

There's just something very romantic about old mirrors, don't you think?

:) Julie


  1. Julie,
    What a great find.They are both so pretty.Love that detail.And a steal of a price too!

  2. Never had a mirror like that on my condo in philippines. Wish to own one especially the second photo. :)


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