Turquoise and Grey Dresser Restyled

I recently painted this gorgeous dresser a lovely shade of turquoise. 

Then I decided I wanted to add a bit of grey.

So I used a black stain solution wiped over the top and then off again to give this piece contrast and depth.

It also toned down the turquoise, creating a more blue grey shade of colour. 

And some mild distressing around the edges brought out the simple but elegant details of this piece.

And to finish, 2 coats of furniture wax to seal and protect.

The draw knobs were given a white spray paint.  Aren't they too cute!

:) Julie


  1. Wow this looks amazing. I am painting a little rocking chair and this is exactly the paint color I was picturing in my head.

    1. Thanks Michelle! It's a DIY mixed colour. Good luck. Would love to see the finished chair! x J

  2. Love the colour and it looks great distressed. Great idea to spray the knobs too.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! Yeah, the knobs turned out well. So glad I did it now. :) x J

  3. Love the color Julie! It really compliments the style of the dresser. Nice job, Dee from My Painted Stuff.

  4. Very sweet- what a great color!! Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!


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