Fabric Covered Wardrobe Doors

I loathe our mirrored wardrobe doors.  

I know mirrors can make a small room look larger, but they are so 80's!!!

I had been tossing around a number of ideas including spray frosting, wallpaper, Modge Podging, painting, and covering them in fabric.  The latter was the path I ventured down, and I'm so happy I did.
I knew I would need a fair amount of material and Lincraft just happened to have 50% off fabric, so I chose an economical white poly cotton.  And at 50% off I got a massive 10 metres for only $25!  This was halved and then sewn together along one side to create the right width.

I had some old plywood left over from replacing the bottom of some drawers, so I measured the bottom and top of the wardrobe doors, then cut out strips of plywood.

I sewed openings in both endings of my fabric to place the wood strips through,

then evenly gathered the fabric on the wooden strip.
I got out my good old hot glue gun and attached the fabric rod ends to the top and bottom of the mirror, and then along the sides as well.

I love the way it softens the room and we are not continually looking at ourselves anymore! Hehe. 

And if you were observant, yes we did get a new bed. ;)  

:) Julie


  1. Your new curtains look great! We do not have doors for our closets at all, so last year we made panels out of twin sized white cotton sheets. :)

  2. This is so pretty! We're going to be moving into an apartment with mirrored doors so I've been wondering how to remedy them. My question is do they still open and close smoothly over the fabric?


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