Main Bedroom Restyled in Shades of Green and Yellow

Here is a look at how everything came together in our restyled main bedroom ...

Firstly, I purchased a black wrought iron bed to give a farmhouse feel to the room.  
We love the new bed and it is super comfortable!

I decided to do a wedding photo feature wall behind the bed. I took out all the spare photo prints we had from our wedding and using old frames selected some photos and backed them in similar colours to our new quilt.  Memories.... :) 

I love that this project cost nothing to create and fills a once before very bare wall.

The feature window mirror above the bed is hand made and was purchased from a yard sale.  
And it matches perfectly. :)

The original bedside tables were replaced with restyled turquoise ones.  Hubby also got a big white cane chair to "hang" his clothes on, instead of the floor!  

Can you see hubby's lamp above?  I purchased a pair of them at a yard sale for $5.  I replaced the shades with fabric ones from Target (on sale of course), then dry brushed the bases with mint green paint to bring out the detailing. 
I decided to cover my side lamp shade in leftover fabric from my quilt to match the bedding. Haven't decided whether I'll do hubby's too or not.

Speaking of bedding, my first handmade patchwork quilt now adorns our bed and is super soft and wonderfully warm.  I alternate the pillowcases, one patterned and one white each side.  At the moment I have the the stenciled bird cases on. :)  So much nicer than plain white and the stencilling didn't cost a cent.

Our tallboys at the end of our bed were given an old book page Modge Podge makeover.

While the flatscreen TV was concealed behind a green throw and some wooden picture frames.

And the wire bust completed the look.

Although not new, I have to include our gorgeous chandelier which we had installed about 6 months ago.  I love how romantic it makes the room feel.

Finally, what were once mirrored wardrobe doors that were stuck in the 80's, are now covered in gorgeous white gathered fabric.  I get a lot of people asking how they still slide with the fabric.  I guess there is a rather large gap between the doors.  If you look closely at the top and bottom of the doors, there was a small gap between the glass and the door framework where I was able to insert the fabric flush with the frames.  It's hard to explain, but it totally works. :)

I'm so happy with the makeover and introducing the new colours.  It really brightens the room.

:) Julie


  1. Great bedroom makeover! I love the lamp and quilt! I hope you'll link up with us this week!

  2. Gorgeous! I love your wicker chair and end tables:) Thank you for answering the question about the closet doors, I'll have to check ours out when we move and see if the gap's big enough.

    1. You're very welcome Victoria! Let me know how you go. I'd love to see your transformation too. Frosting (which comes in a spray can at the Hardware) might be an option too. Good luck! x J

  3. That looks great! And I love the idea of covering the mirrors with fabric. I have been searching and searching for an idea of what to do with my awful mirrored closet doors! That is brilliant!

  4. How pretty! It's eclectic and creative! I love the mix of colors and textures!

  5. it looks fabulous- the nightstands are my favorite part!

  6. The room is lovely, so cozy and chic. Great idea with the curtains on the closet. And those side tables are to die for :)


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