Main Bedroom Restyled .... Again!

I know what you're thinking.  Didn't I just redo our main bedroom?  Yes.

And it just didn't grow on me.

I mean what was I thinking?!!

Oh well, this time, I'm going to stick with more neutrals like whites and tans and browns.

Here is a sneak peak of my progress ....

So far, the first change I've made was removing the fabric from the wardrobe mirrored doors. The fabric was too much for such a small room.

The mirrors make the room much brighter and bigger when I removed the fabric.  Oh well, it was a great project and I have big plans for reusing the fabric as a bed ruffle. :) 

 Next I repainted the side tables from aqua,
 to distressed white.   

 Our lamp bases have been spray painted black and the shades returned to their original white,
from the yellow and turquoise.

 I've also added a tan and white striped rug under the bed to put our feet on when we get up and to stop the bed from sliding on the wooden floors. 

I'm keeping the white bedding, but toned it down with neutral throws.
Gone is the green patchwork quilt.

I have removed our wedding pics,

 and have opted for a few framed cottage sketches for above the bed.

And that is where I'm up to so far.  I've pinned together my ruffled bed valance so that just needs to be sewed up.  The cane chair in the corner is being replaced with a vintage chair that I still need to reupholster and paint.

So, what do you think so far?


  1. how do you find the time for all this! amazing.
    i find it so frustrating when i spend a lot of time doing something only to not like it! but i guess that's how we evolve and our style improves!
    looks great, i did love the fabric on the mirrors tho'. maybe you should just leave it on one mirror and leave the other off for light and use.
    Claire x


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