Party Progress

In my last post I told you how my little angel is having a 5 year old fairy party this weekend!!  

So with all the party preps, no furniture or decor DIY, but a lot of balloons and streamers. :)  

I'm making the cake and hope to share the finished masterpiece tomorrow.  I'm self taught in fondant cake decorating, but have not disappointed as yet so don't forget to check back tomorrow. Uh-oh, the pressure is now on to perform. LOL.

Dispite all the party organising going on, I still have the DIY itch so some tweaking has been happening here and there though out the house so I can get my fix. :)  I'll share some of those pics shortly too.  

I hope everyone is enjoying their week!


  1. Julie,
    How fun! Can't wait to see photos of the cake and decor!


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