Ikea Shopping Trip!

I have not been to Ikea in over 3 years. Why?  Because there are only 2 Ikea stores in Sydney, Australia, and our closest is about 40 minutes away.  Plus it is always super duper busy.  It was only because I didn't have the kids yesterday that I decided to venture out.  

What did I buy?  

These delicious chair cushions.  They are a tan and white floral design, with a super thick cushion.  And the sides have cute little flaps of fabric. They also have a tan and white check print on the other side so you can reverse them. And for $14.95 each I bought 2 for our dining room end chairs.  Love them!

I also got 2 duck feather large cushion inserts for $9 each.  They are SO SOFT!  In fact, everything in Ikea is super soft.  I was in heaven feeling all their quilts and cushions!  I'm not sure which cases I'll use or if I'll make new ones, but either way, I feel spoilt just looking at them. :)

I also got this neutral brown rug which is perfect for the sunroom.  And for $30 I couldn't say no.

It compliments my big soft new cushions I got from Target a few weeks ago for 40% off (approx $16 each). :)

Oh yeah, and the new couch covers are a drop sheet I got for $10 at Bunnings and cut in half.  I haven't even bothered to sew it yet.  Love drop sheets!

I also picked up this super soft white throw for the bargain price of $4.95.

AND this really cute wall clock with a creamy green tin base was $30.  A bit out of budget, but I knew if I didn't buy it I would suffer thrifter's remorse for months to come.

This gorgeous lounge also caught my eye and was super comfy.

Now I just have to jump on our current lounge lots and lots so I bust the springs and we have to get one of Ikea's gorgeous new sofas. :)

And of course I'd have to have the matching foot stool ..., right? ;)

Actually, I'm considering doing a knock off of this foot stool.  If you break it down, I have rectangular chest I could pad and use for the base, and a foam cushion top. I could sew the covers in white upholstery fabric and there you have it.  I'll add it to the list. :)