NEWS FLASH - I have a new Blog Site - "Restyle Relove"!

Hi Lovlies,

I initially started Knot All That I Seam as a personal DIY diary, and a spin off of my sewing endeavours, hence the "Knot" and "Seam" play on words.  

Now that my DIY has grown into a small business, I thought I would create a new blog with a name and feel that highlights what my blog is about and what I do. 

My new blog site called Restyle Relove

I think this name sums it all up.  I love to take something old and restyle it into something new and beautiful that can be reloved.  

So, please pop over to Restyle Relove and say hi.  Let me know what you think of my new blog layout (which is still a work in progress), and don't forget to subscribe to my blog posts as I won't be posting much more on Knot All That I Seam going forward.   And of course, I'd love you to Like me on FaceBook. :)

Thanks so much for everyone's support.  

I wouldn't be here without you!

x Julie