More Board and Batten Walls

I had planned to tidy the kids bedrooms today while they were both at preschool.  I started in my daughter's room, and never came back out again!  

I thought I might take some pics off the walls, then I thought I should move out some toys.  Then the rug had to go.  And after a quick vacuum I had a blank canvas and my creative mind went into overdrive.

First I decided to paint the walls using the same colour as our bedroom is currently being painted, Hog Bristle Half.  I only did the top half because I knew I wanted to put up some board and batten detailing. Of course, why not. ;)  Now that I'm an expert. Hehe.

I grabbed a sheet of MDF and measured up my battons, cut them to size, and attached them to the walls with Liquid Nails and my nail gun.  Then I added the top railing.  I haven't quite finished yet cause I ran out of wood.  Arghh.

The cute mirror I had stored in the garage looks great on the wall.  I might paint it white.  

 I started to do a white undercoat over the board and batten detailing .... And already it's looking so beautiful. :)

 I hope to finish the rest of the walls tomorrow. :)

Now I can add wall detailing to my list of accomplishments.  

Yep, just another day in my DIY loving life.

:) Julie


  1. Wow I'm impressed! You were able to do all of that yourself? I have never done anything like that before. I love the look of board and batten in a room. That is going to look great when it's finished.


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