Sunroom Lounges Update

Hello my lovely friends!

I'm updating my original post (found here) for two reasons:

1. Because I promised new photos of the completed cushion covers; and

2. Because I recently had my post content re-edited and reposted on another website, without my permission.  This also included deleting my watermarks off my original photos.

Initially I was upset.  Now I am focused on trying to ensure this doesn't happen again with more prominent watermarking on my photos and an updated copyright policy.  

On the up side, I'm happy to say I've had a recent influx of visitors to my blog from other sites where my work has been referenced. If you are a new visitor... welcome! I create these pieces for my own enjoyment but share them here for all to view. Feel free to leave me a comment if you like them. My content is original so you will only get the full post and pics here unless I have approved their use on other sites, in which case I always mention this on my posts. Enjoy!

Now, on to the updated post. :)

Please click here to view my updated Sun Lounges post.