I Have No Shame Wet Wednesday

So this is how it all began ...

I took my laptop to the shops today after the screen had partially died, only to be told it would cost $450 to fix.  What!!! We certainly can't afford that at the moment.  

So I was driving home and there on the roadside is this cute little tv cabinet.  It's been a while since I've done a roadside rescue so I think, what the hey, I'm going to grab that.
So I get out and haul and drag and lift my heavy little freebie into the back of the car.  It's been raining and the cabinet is wet, but at least it's not pouring and I'm not embarrassingly drenched while I load up the goods.

Further along on our way home I spot this tallboy.
And I want it.

So I take the kids home and unload the tv cabinet, take out the carseats and leave the kids with hubby.

I whip back around the road, and tug, and drag, and heave, and use my mind of matter (or weight in this case) and lift that solid wood tallboy into my car.  I take it home and decide I'm on a roll.  I'm going back out.

So I drive round the corner and there on the curb with a "Free. Extendable Table" sign is this ...
So I do a U turn, and pray it is going to fit into the back of my car.  I heave it up on the edge of the back of the car and the legs wont fit. Bugger.  Then I notice that the legs screw off, AND that the screws are lose!  Praise the Lord.  
So I stand there precariously balancing the table on the car and on my leg while I unscrew the legs and chuck them in. And guess what.  The table fit!  

So you see, despite my embarrassment, I still have no shame. The lengths I will go to and the strength I will muster to rescue a piece of furniture that I can lovingly restore.  Besides, what else is there to do on a wet Wednesday? :)

So I'm thinking that those sent from above freebies might just lend towards the cost of my broken laptop screen.  Perhaps it was meant to be. :)


  1. You are funny! I would totally do the same - I go to all kinds of effort for free or used castaways. Worth it? YES! Every bit. You are looking for a new sofa? I am always frugal when it comes to home decor but the sofa is one place I like to really get it right. Good luck shopping! Try furniture outlet stores.


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