Entryway Makeover Complete!

Hi Lovelies,

I just finished my entryway makeover and wanted to share with you all the three major changes I've made.

Here are some before and after shots ...

So did you pick the three changes?

Okay, the most obvious change is the board and batten panelling around all the walls.  I'll admit that after doing the sunroom, my daughter's room, and half of our bedroom, I'm totally in love with board and batten wall paneling.  It is so easy to install and makes such a huge impact.

Here's a heads up on how I created mine.

 I decided to use narrow vertical boards 5 cms thick each.  And two horizontal panels 15 cms wide each.  For the height of the lower section I just went with the size of my MDF sheeting and made it 120 cms high. For the gap in between the horizontal panels I went with 30cms as this was also a good division of my MDF sheeting. 

I used 2 sheets of MDF sized 120 x 90 cms in size which costs me approximately $14.  I simply measured up the panels and marked them out with a pencil.  Then used a hand saw to cut them all to size.  I then sanded all the edges with a piece of 180 grit sand paper.  Have you ever sanded MDF?  It is a dream to sand.  Super easy and comes out so smooth.  I love it.

I then marked up the wall with a pencil as to where the panels would go.  I used Liquid Nails to attach the horizontal panels first.  The used my nail gun to secure them.  Then I attached the horizontal boards and glued and nailed them in place too.

Then I applied a coat of primer to all the walls and boards.  The original wall paint was a Dulux Wash and Wear which I find doesn't let new coats of paint stick as well as when you prime it first.  

I only had to caulk a few areas as most of the panels sat flush and had smooth edges as I had paid extra attention when sanding them.  

I applied 3 coats of my Taubmans Semi Gloss White paint with a roller and a brush to get into the edges of the paneling.

The second major change was the accent colour above the panelling.  It's Dulux Hog Bristle Half strength and the best way to describe it is like a creamy coffee colour.  It seems to look different in different lights, but its very warm and inviting.

(I'm not sure about the old green metal chest yet.  I'll probably replace it with something more neutral when I find something.)

The final change was to repaint my large entryway mirror from turquoise to an off white.  I used some spare paint in Dulux Antique White.  This was in fact the original colour of the entryway halls.  I just wanted a bit of contrast, but still keeping with a neutral colour scheme.

Overall the project took me approximately 4 days to complete and cost me $14 in MDF and the paint would have equated to about $15, so approximately $30 to complete this makeover.  Not too bad. :) 

I plan to carry the accent colour over on to all the hallway walls, to keep the continuity flowing.  Plus I love the colour. :)

And that is my first major completed project for 2013!  Hope you like it. :)

x Julie


  1. Julie that looks beautiful!It gives it so much character!

  2. Julie you didn't waste any time! Looks fantastic and I love the wall color too!


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