New Colour for my Lounge Room Walls!

This weeks project was to repaint the lounge room in my new favourite paint colour, Duluxe Hog Bristle Half strength.

After redoing the hall way last week, and here's a quick reminder ...
Full post here.

I decided to carry the accent wall colour through to the lounge room.  I used British Paints One Coat for the first time and wow, you really only need to do one coat.  It saves so much time.  I literally moved furniture out, painted and moved it back.  Bad for a painting addict like myself cause now there will be no stopping me. ;) 

I love the way the colour contrasts with the skirting boards and windows.

You might have noticed too that I'm doing a bit of a post Christmas re-tweaking in the lounge room now that all the decorations are down. 

It's still a bit bare so I'll do a full room tour when it's looking a bit more complete and tidy.  

Oh, and here is how the walls looked previously in Antique White at Christmas...

So, what do you think so far?


  1. I love the colour. It's really warm. Regards, Pascale

  2. Hi Julie,
    OMG!!! Love your blog and am a new follower. Thanks for finding me now I have found you. Love that color on the walls and I love that checked chair that would so go in my house. So beautiful.

    1. Thanks Kris! I'm flattered. You have amazing taste. I love the chair too. I picked it up at a garage sale and recovered it. Thanks for following me too and look forward to seeing what we both post this year. all the best, Julie

  3. Beautiful color Julie! I am still taking some Christmas things down.


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