Big Change Revealed!

I'm so excited to be showing you the big change in our lounge / dining room.  Do you see it?  Yep, we now have an internal door leading into the garage / storage room / my work area / and eventually part hubby's office area.

Here is how the room used to look without the door.

And now ...

This is the first major structural work we have done to our home and I couldn't be happier.  This door has made a huge difference.  It not only makes the house feel bigger, I know we will get a lot more use out of the extra room.  We always planned to use the garage as an office area when we moved in 3 years ago, but just never got around to doing anything about it.  Then with me restyling furniture as a small business, I was constantly bringing furniture into our lounge room to paint at night and damaging our wooden floors.  Not any more. :)

So here is the area with the dining table moved before the reno.

The builders started from the garage wall side and cut the hole for the doorway out of the brickwork with a very loud saw.

Here is what it looked like when the bricks were being removed.

 Then the doorway was sawed out from the inside.

The internal beams were cut out.

 And then we had our door opening.  Please don't look at my messy garage.  (Dying of embarrassment.) I have big plans to do this room up, once I get it cleaned up. :)

 The framework was constructed and a gorgeous paneled door installed.

The bottom of the doorway was created, and then a step added. We still need to varnish the new floorboards to match in with the original ones.

We also got a new external door with deadbolt installed in the garage as the old one was old and weathered.  Love that teal colour, but will likely give it a coat of white. :)  The wall it is on needs a lot of repair work.  Another project to keep me busy.  And the brick walls I plan to paint white.

After all the door installation was complete, I gave the frame and door 3 coats of white semi-gloss paint. Then put back all the furniture and wall decor.  The clock is new.  It has large clear numbers so the kids can see when dinner time is up. :)

I also added some of my Easter treasures I recently purchased to the table, along with a sprinkle of dried out rose petals.

 You might also notice I have gone back to our original dining chairs. The bench seat wasn't working out.  The kids were lying down on it while they ate and leaning all over each other so it wasn't really practical for us.  

I also moved our corner display cabinet out into the sunroom, and my desk under the window next to it.  I actually quite like the new layout. :)  And then there was a bit of tweaking with the decor. :)

I added a jar with my newly purchased speckled eggs on a bed of brown paper strips to create a nest effect.  The eggs even came with little feathers attached. :)

And my little silver birdie went into my DIY cloche.

I also added some faux roses to my pale green ceramic vase, and accompanied it with my new little ceramic Easter birdie. 

And on my desk I used the gorgeous bookpage birdies I made for my Christmas tree  and hung them on white branches.  Each birdie has an inspirational word on it to keep me motivated. :)

 So now I have a new door and a new look lounge/dining room and sunroom.  And I love, love, love it!

Here's a quick before and after again ....

 I've been really sick with the flu the last few days so will slowly be working on cleaning out the garage, fixing the walls and repainting.  I also have a lot of furniture accumulated in the garage to restyle and sell to help with the cost of the new door so am guessing the garage makeover will take a few months to complete.

With a lot of DIY and a limited budget, our little house is coming along nicely in the style that I love. 

Hope you love my new door as much as I do. :)


  1. I wish I owned the HGTV network . WE WOULD SO FOLLOW YOU !!! I love it all. Love that bench cover too . The you are my sunshine pic and the bon appetite .. OMGOODNESS the great(ness) goes on and on . just beautiful my sweet friend. YOU did a fab job. Just know if I was famous and owned something to showcase this >> I WOULD .. HEY a girl can wish .. HUGS

    1. Thanks Sherry! You are too sweet! I love it all too. And when I look at it I sometimes wonder if people think it cost a fortune, when I know almost everything in our house is either thrifted or DIY. Just the way I like it. :) x Julie

  2. Hi Julie,
    I love your new door. It does make the room look bigger and a better access to your garage area. I can't wait to see what you do with that room. I also love all the changes to your office area. It is really pretty and very organized. Great job.

    1. Thanks Kris! I can't wait to redo the garage either. x Julie

  3. How exciting! The door really changes the room, it all looks fantastic. I love what you did with the hutch too, those birds are adorable. Your home is very pretty!

  4. Wow, that looks really good. I love your dining room. Also love all your spring touches.Great job!

  5. I know you're loving having that new door! Your dining room and new office space look so pretty with all of your personal touches.
    Mary Alice

  6. Love the door--it makes it seem bigger somehow. I guess because you know there is somewhere else to go :)


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