DIY Kids Easter Baskets

It's the day before Easter Sunday and we took the kids to the shops to pick out a special Easter present.  We have been eating mini eggs for weeks so I thought something non-edible would be nice.  

Holly chose a big fluffy bunny and Lochie wanted a colouring in book.  

When we got home I explained the presents were for Easter tomorrow.  Usually I would make them something and surprise them the next day, but I thought the gifts would get me off the hook this year.  

Until ...  

the kids started talking about how excited they were that the Easter Bunny would be coming tonight and bringing them both Easter eggs.  

What?!  Should I run out to the shop tonight?  Nah, too tired. Do I do nothing? Nah, that would just end in tears.  

So ... 

it HAS to be two ...

"Last Minute Late Night DIY Kids Easter Egg Baskets"!

I found a cute free printable Easter basket on the web, printed it on some cute double sided scrapbook paper, cut, folded and glued.

Then I cute a brown paper bag into strips and stuffed each basket.

Then I added some eggs from our current stash.

Then I cut an egg shape from the left over scrapbook paper and labeled them with their names. Then I attached the tags with some ribbon.

Looking at the pics above, I think I might have been a bit stingy with the eggs so I'm stuffing the baskets with some more, but not re-photographing. :)

And all will be well again on Easter morning. :)

Do your little ones believe there is an actual Easter Bunny? 

x Julie


  1. Julie these baskets are so cute! Love them!

    XO, Aimee


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