Thrifty Finds

Tonight I thought I would share a few of my thrifty finds from the past few weeks.  I would have liked to be doing more DIY posts, and I am in the middle of a few projects, but none are complete. So ... lets go through my recent purchases instead. :)

I love this painting I got today.  It's a real touchable painted painting! I love the way it depicts sheets of rain reflecting on the street.  I love rainy day pictures.  There is something cozy about them. It's quite large and in perfect condition.  Now where to hang it ....

I also picked up these Fine Bone China Salt and Pepper Shaker Bunnies.  So cute and great for my Easter displays.

Who can go past enamel? I got these 2 plates and bowl, plus the really cool green teapot.  I can't wait to display them in the kitchen.

I also found this cute little silver tea pot, and the larger gold one.  Again, something for my "currently being restyled" kitchen.

I recently started collecting gorgeous old engraved cutlery.  I love this set I got today. They look so cool in my Mason jars.

Last week I picked up this old wooden toolbox.  I've always wanted one, but never come across one in my travels.  It's huge. I'm not sure what I will do with it yet.  And the intricate little bowl is perfect for displaying my Easter goodies. 

A few weeks ago I also picked up these gorgeous little (dessert?) forks.  I think I'm being to fall in love with old cutlery. :)  And the old tea pot is so tarnished.  The lady I got it from was saying how I could clean it up, but to her surprise I told her I loved it tarnished!

And finally, I found this old Brentwood style chair at a yard sale and knew it was coming home with me.  I've also got a thing for Brentwood chairs, although I don't come across many of these either.

So that is a wrap up of all my recent thrifted goodies.  I can't wait to find places to display them.  I'm also super excited to show you all the work I have been doing in the kitchen. The cabinets are looking amazing (if I do say so myself). :) We even got a new Range Hood today.  Thank God.  The old one was so nasty. I even attempted to paint it.  Anyway, I plan to install the new one myself which is another first. Where would I be without YouTube tutorials. :) Wish me luck and I hope to be sharing my kitchen reveal soon. 

Enjoy your weekend!

x Julie