Blue Dresser for my Boy

Getting my son's room makeover done was a goal I set for February. It's now mid April and I'm getting close. :) I thought I'd share a dresser I completed this week for his room. 

Here is the before. I rescued this dresser from the roadside and have been debating whether it was worth fixing up. After closer inspection, the main frame of the dresser was solid wood and in excellent condition, so I decided to give it a go.  First I had to pick all those lovely mirror stickers off, then give it a really good sand to get the varnish off.  I also had to replace all the drawer bottoms and the back with new MDF as the old ones were warped and falling apart.  I used 2 sheets costing $12.  Notice there are no handles or drawer knobs? Strange, hey?  I drilled these after picking my hardware.

I picked a happy blue colour and purchased a sample pot of paint for $6.  First I primed, then applied 2 coats of blue paint and it come up so lovely.

I had the 2 top round silver drawer knobs, so I just purchased 3 long matching silver handles for $9.

It's perfect for all his clothes. And the total cost of the makeover was only $27.

I took out the large wardrobe I purchased a little white ago.  It was just too big for such a small room.

And if you look closely at the wall behind, you can see the new board and batten I'm currently adding. :)

I'm hoping to do a full reveal next week.



  1. I love that bright blue.. JUST beautiful !!! Love the restyle.. YOUR great at what you do sister...

  2. Julie,
    This is great. What a cute dresser now. I love that you reloved this piece for your son. So so cute.
    Love the color too perfect for a boy. Great job.


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