Randomness ...

I have a confession.  

Forgive me dear followers, 
for I have been absent.
It has been over 2 weeks since my last post, 
and these are my DIY distractions ...

1. The Garage Man Cave
We are slowly getting the walls brick walls painted in the garage.  They are so porous that it is taking forever to getting into every little hole and between all the bricks.  I did finish patching up the back wall which had a massive hole.  Caulked all the patching and applied an undercoat. 

2. The Painted Clock
I decided to add a splash of turquoise to our living room ... 

3. A Growing Addiction
I've been doing a lot of research on gardening lately.  I have always wanted a cottage garden, but plants just never seem to do well for me.  Our current garden is totally cringe worthy.  I'm making big design plans. But this project might is going to take a lot of time and planning.

In the meantime, I'm trying my hand at growing some potted plants.  

My Sunflowers aren't looking too sunny, but the rest seem to be doing okay so far.

And I'm also trying to grow plants from seed.  These are my DIY egg carton greenhouse Marigolds and ... I'm so excited to see the little shoots coming up. 

And some more pots will hopefully merit a Lemon Plant and some Sunflowers. Fingers crossed.

And I've also been brightening up the front verandah with a few new plants and potted colour.

And lookie what I found reduced to $3 each at the hardware today... Chalkboard Herb Planters!

Aren't they just divine!  I can't wait to pick some fresh herbs to plant in them. 

4. And of course I'm always tweaking. 

Notice the ladder is gone and I've added a little tray table I picked up at a garage sale on the weekend.  

I also moved a lot of the clutter off the cabinet near the TV and it also looks much better.


 I'm also working on a few furniture projects which I will be sharing shortly.

x Julie