Duck Egg Blue Damask Parlour Chairs Restyled

I bought these chairs on an impulse at a garage sale and it wasn't long before I regretted it.  

On the drive home I noticed a dreadful doggy sort of smell so bad I had to wind my window down.  When I got home and unloaded the chairs I noticed all the dog hair underneath the chairs.  Seems these were Rover's chairs.  Add to this the nasty horrible brown and orange fabric and tacky brown paintwork and I just didn't see any hope for these chairs. So I put them out in the back yard to go out on rubbish day. They sat there for a few months and then one day I decided to remove the fabric from the seats and underneath, put them out in the sun and see if the smell dissipated.  Guess what, it did! 

What drew me to the chairs in the first place was the cane backs.  I love, love, love lattice on chairs. The previous owners had painted the chairs a horrible light brown plastic sort of paint that was pealing and looked like a lot of work to fix. But after a sand and a few coats of white chalk paint, the woodwork came up beautifully.  I did some distressing and I had the perfect French aged effect.

I picked a duck egg blue damask fabric and recovered each seat.

I also redid the jute webbing underneath each seat as it was quite old and falling apart. It was the first time I've done webbing and it really is quite easy.

So, from ugly ducklings to beautiful swans.  And, they are comfortable which is another bonus. Now if I could just find somewhere to put them in our house I can keep them. :) 

Who would have thought from this.... 

(Sorry, I removed the fabric already.)

to this...

Not me. :)


  1. Beautiful! Good thing that smell cam out, it would have been a shame to toss these!


  2. I love those chairs ... YOU always have beautiful posts my friend

  3. So charming! Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!

  4. really turned out lovely. Can't believe the before...I had to look from one to the other 3 times to believe it was the same chair in the after!


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