Display Cabinet Make Over Number Four!

Do you remember this cabinet?

Maybe you remember how it originally looked after I added old sheet music backing in January this year ...

And then it's second make over to white in March this year ...

And it's third to green in June this year...

And now it's fourth (and please God), it's final makeover to white again this September ...

I love this cabinet, but it is hard to see what is in it with the glass doors so I decided to remove them to make it more open. I've kept them in case I want to reattach them later on.

Then a few coats of white chalk paint, some distressing and a few coats of clear varnish.

Ahhh... so much better. :)


  1. It's very pretty in white, and then it looked good in the other colors as well! This is from someone who repaints furniture several colors as well. :) I do like the doors, too, especially for keeping some dust out.


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