My Garden Potted Plants in Bloom! Part 2 - Back Yard

Let's head out to my back verandah.  It's a work in progress. :)

Let's start with my white wax Begonia.  

Where do I begin with these.  They have taken off to the max. They did go through a patch of white fungi, but after treating them with a Yates spray, they have come back green and luscious.

  They have not stopped growing and flowering since I got them as babies 5 months ago. 

Here is a pic from when I first planted them.

And now...

Love these flowers!

Next, my Ornamental Kale or Flowering Cabbage.

I fell in love with these little plants as soon as I saw them and they have not ceased to amaze me. 

Here they are only 5 months ago.

Then to my surprise they shed some leaves, then grew more leaves, then sprouted long tall stems that produced the sweetest little yellow flowers.

The are now losing a lot of leaves but still producing yellow flowers. I'm waiting to see what they do next. :)

Then there are the plants adorning our steps. Can you see my precious boy who just had to be in the picture.  He is so cheeky.

At the top is my pink Geranium.  Although not currently in full flower, there are a few buds waiting to burst.  It is another little miracle plant that I bought back from the near dead. These plants really are super hardy. 

Next is my daughter's Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana.  But we just refer to it as Holly's succulent plant. :) 

I got each of the kids a little $3 succulent each at the hardware a few months back so they would have their own little plants.  They are doing so well and have flowered and been moved to larger pots.

This is Lochie's succulent. I couldn't find its technical name. This one has grown so much. 

It has also produced lovely little purple flowers.

Lastly, these 2 little succulents were grafted from a larger one we have out the front.   

And finally, here is our avocado plant. 

We grew this from seed and I'll be sharing a full post on how we grew our avocado plant shortly.  

It is the most freaky thing I have ever seen grow!  Strange, but I will be stoked if we actually manage to grow real avocados.  I love avocados. :)

And this is a view of our back verandah. The blue and green seat swing is relatively new.  The kids love it.  So do I. :)  And the kid's cubby house is to the right. We painted this ourselves a few Summer's ago.

And there is a stash of unfinished furniture on the left. :)

Hope you enjoyed looking at my front and back potted plants.  

If you missed the front verandah you can view it here

x Julie