Side Board Mini Makeover!

When I originally purchased this sideboard it looked like this, complete with a sheet of thick glass on top.  Although very beautiful, I wanted to brighten it up.

I wanted to emphasise the gorgeous detailing on the doors and for the handles to really pop, so I decided to give the body a few coats of white chalk paint.  I didn't get around to doing the distressing as it would have required me to take the whole thing outside. And as beautiful as this piece is, weighs the same as a baby elephant.  So it stayed this way for a while.

After much thought, I decided I did not really like the two tone look, nor did I like the stuffy old handles.  So along came restyle number 3.

I replaced the cupboard door knobs with glass ones, and the middle drawers with black cup style handles.

I painted the top with matching white chalk paint and got hubby to help me take it outside on a trolly where I sanded and distressed all the edges and intricate detailing.

Then I applied 2 coats of clear varnish and restyled the goodies on top.

It looks softer and more homely now.  They do say three's a charm. ;)

x Julie


  1. I love what you did with it. OKAY get a pen so you can take down my address and ship that puppy to me LOL .. SERIOUS note I LOVE LOVE IT

    1. Sherry you had me in stitches! Glad you love it. Too bad, I don't ship large items. Haha!

  2. Julie,
    Just gorgeous. Great job 3 is the charm it looks awesome.

  3. What a beautiful piece--love what you did with it!


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