Christmas Dining Room Tweaks!

I don't know about you, but I am always tweaking. Always. Not much stays the same in our house for very long. Christmas decorating has been no exception.  The dining room has had the most changes so I thought I'd share them.

Here was my Dining Room Christmas Tour just a week ago.

And now... Can you spot the differences?

The chandelier got a few new decorations. The gold ones were 30% off from Myer and have the words Joy, Peace and Noel in the centre of them. The white balls I made from crepe paper and glitter.  I saw them in a shop for $12 each! I made exact replicas for 50 cents each!

For the large wall sign, I cut another piece of MDF I had spare and inserted it in the current frame.  I cut the corners off the new sheet so it can be removed easily.  The wording I simply printed off the computer and transferred. I love that I can also do something on the other side and change it up again for different occasions.  The paper chain was a DIY from last year made from old music sheets.

The large door wreath was $10 at Spotlight.  I just added some pinecones I already had and hung it on the door with jute webbing.

I also changed up the ornaments in my glass display cabinet to a more white and silver colour palette.

All the orange baubles and red holly were put away for another Christmas.

Here is a better view of our double French doors too. I still love that reindeer. :)

And with less than a week to go, I'm done. For now, anyway. ;)

x Julie