Dining Room Display Cabinet Restyled for Christmas

I decided to bring a little Christmas Cheer to my dull looking dining room display cabinet and wow is she sparkling now!

Here is a quick before ...

Firstly, I decided to reattach the glass doors. 

Then I changed out the door knobs for sparkly clear crystal knobs.

To the top shelf I added a silver tray, two large tinsel stars, a metal christmas tree tea light holder and some cool white flashing fairy lights.  The blue from the lights gives a real wintery feel.

The middle shelf contains some of my old music sheet fan decorations as a back drop. Then I added two Mason jars with a rustic metal white heart and a string of holly attached to each.  

They also double as tea light holders for the table.

And the bottom shelf contains some old baking tins I recently purchased, with paper mache reindeers with a string of warm fairy lights.

Underneath the enclosed shelves I used an enamel bowl filled with baubles and a pine cone.

Finally, I hung some more baubles from gold ribbon cascading down the front doors.

I love the glow of the cabinet at night.  The lights might just have to stay for good. :)

Lots more Christmas to come! :)

x J

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  1. Just beautiful Julie. I love this cabinet and that little deer is too cute. I bet it is so pretty at night.

    1. Thanks Kris. Yes, it is beautiful at night. :) I can relax and enjoy when the kids go to bed. Although I'm usually working on the next project! ;) x J

  2. You are decking them halls my friend. I LOVE LOVE LOVE It all. As always you never let your readers down. YOU always feature awesomeness !!!!

    1. Oh Sherry, you make me blush with your lovely comments. But wait till you see the rest. ;) x J


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