Farmhouse Style Master Bedroom Makeover!

I'm so excited to be revealing our Farmhouse Style Master Bedroom.  

After an excruciating 4 week wait, our new wrought iron bed arrived yesterday.  And I love, love, love it! 

It is so high that both hubby and I almost fell out of bed this morning. Hehe.  

The new quilt cover is Laura Ashley and was a Christmas gift. I love it too.  The fabric is so soft and it is reversible.  Both sides are a floral blue pattern.

And how cute are the tie up pillow cases.

I also purchased new Mercer and Ried 1000 thread count sheets at 60% off.  Last night was their first trial and I found them quite cool, which is a blessing given the hot nights we have been having.

I purchased the wall sign recently for 50% off at Target, and it works well above the bed.  

The two candle holders I have had for ages, and they too go well on the wall above the bed. 

Which brings me to the wall colour. The walls are Dulux Hogs Bristle Half on a warm base. I installed the white Board and Batten myself.

The chandelier we had put in a couple of years ago.  Gotta have a bit of bling. 

The curtains I sewed myself and added a white crisp cotton ruffle. 

The old thrifted swing back chair in the corner I recovered in gorgeous drop cloth fabric. 

We bought the two tall boy drawers from Freedom about 5 years old.  I love them because they hold a lot of clothing without taking up too much space.  They are also perfect to put our large TV on. 

They were originally covered in woodgrain laminate.  I painted them white using laminate paint and covered the fronts with Mod Podge and old book pages.  The little thrifted footstool next to them I recovered with a French style tea towel.

The little white side tables were in the sunroom but I've now moved them to the bedroom, replacing our old Queen Anne ones. 

The lamps are new from Target.  I wanted a tall brass base and smaller white shades.  These ones are perfect for our higher bed and smaller side tables.

And the matching cane storage baskets on either side of the bed are new from Bed Bath n Table at 40% off.

We have large mirrored built in wardrobes on one side of the room, which reflects the light from the large windows which take up the entire opposite wall. 

And here is the before shot ...

And now ... 

I'm really happy with this make over. I hope you love our new look bedroom as much as I do. :)

x Julie


  1. Julie,
    It is just beautiful. I feel your bedroom should be your sanctuary. A place of peace and love at the end of a day and you got it with this remake. The Romantic lighting. I love your curtains those are so great. Love that ruffle. Everything is gorgeous. Great job. Love it all.

    1. Thanks Kris. Our room always gets the least attention but I'm really happy with the new look. I'm looking forward to relaxing in our nice new bed each evening now.

  2. Love your bedroom transformation! So much natural light and the blue and white are just so refreshing!


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