Dulux Chalk USA Maybe

I recently painted the entryway walls Taubman's Crumb Cookie, but it was looking a bit too brown, and even a bit green in dull light.  Not at all the look I wanted. 

So I ventured to the hardware (again!) and picked up every brochure and colour swatch I could. And while I was there I couldn't leave empty handed, so I grabbed a sample pot of Dulux Chalk USA, which I had read is a popular warm white colour.

Contrary, it is actually a very warm lovely shade of cream. 

 And it might just be the colour I have been looking for. :)

We had so much wet dreary weather this week but it still appeared to be a warm and cosy colour on the wall which made me very happy.

And then when the sun peaked through this morning I grabbed a few photos for my blog post and saw how lovely it looks in sunlight as well.

I might just have a winner. I'll keep you updated. :)