Easter Wreath of Feathers and Eggs

This wreath was really easy to make. I used my feather wreath that I already had, and some brown paper eggs I bought last year. I got the smaller speckled foam eggs at the $2 store.

My supplies, including my trusty glue gun. :)

I snipped off the ribbon hangers from the foam eggs and positioned them alternatively around the wreath.

Then I glued them all on and it was finished. 

I would have loved to have wrapped some sort of twine around the entire wreath but I haven't seen any in the shop so for now, I'm leaving it as is.

It's found a home on the back of the dining room connecting door, next to my DIY Easter Sign

Happy Easter!


  1. Julie,
    It looks so great on the door next to that awesome Easter sign. Love it all. Very cute.

  2. What a really unique wreath and very pretty.... love it...


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