Fake Flower Faux Pas?

Lately I've been thinking about purchasing a few real house plants. In truth, I'm terrible in the garden and everything I try to grow never lasts. We have just the one house plant, a Peace Lily we got about 5 years ago, which is still going strong.  So there might just be hope for my gardening skills yet. 

Which got me thinking about all the fake plants and flowers I have in our home. Tonight I did a round up around the entire house and here is our little fake flower florist. 

There are all the pros and cons of real v fake, but the idea of real plants is just so much more appealing visually and for the benefits to the air quality in the house. 

I'm not saying I will remove or replace all the fake plants, but it's something to think about. :) Do you have a preference?

x J


  1. I only like the faux plants that look so real you can't tell. I enjoy real plants but have a much better green thumb outside than inside!


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