Lounge Room Restyle Tour including Pops of Green & Real House Plants!

Welcome to my lounge room restyle tour. 

Get comfy and prepare yourself for lots of pretty pictures. :)

So lately I've been wanting to add a bit more colour and some real house plants into our lounge room.

For the addition of colour, I started with some new sofa cushions.

I wanted to stick with shades of green as the rest of our house is very neutral, and it's a bit daunting to go for anything too out of my comfort zone.

Target had a big sale on cushions with 30% off most, and a lot on sale for half price and less.

The floral green covers I sewed out of some gorgeous pillow cases I bought a while ago but have never used.

I've rearranged them and sat and looked and scrutinised them from the opposite lounge and think I'm happy with them. Is it just me, or is picking and coordinating cushions one of the hardest things ever??

I've also been rearranging some areas around the lounge room with different decor items, again just for a change and freshening up. Some times things get a bit dull so it's nice to change things up a bit. :)

I love my turquoise display table and it now displays some of my favourite items.

My previous post got me thinking about incorporating some more "real" house plants into our home, so I moved my peace lily from the entryway into the lounge room.

The side tables next to my sofa also had a bit of tweaking, including a new pot plant ...

A new plant for the coffee table, and the other side of the lounge...

A new lamp base ...

And a new coconut and lime scented candle ...

I also changed up the cabinet top next to the tv ...

Including another new large coconut and lime scented candle ...

And if you haven't already noticed, I also repainted the walls a lighter creamier colour. I went with Dulux Chalk USA to match the entryway.

To remind you, here are a few before photos ...


And now ...

What do you think?


  1. So fresh and inviting. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

  2. Julie,
    I love the touches of green and blue to your white. It is so pretty and bright and cheerful. So pretty.

  3. What a beautiful room you have created! I love the pops of green and blue on the white sofa. Everything looks so bright and inviting.


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