My Vintage Farmhouse Style

I've FINALLY come to the conclusion that what truly makes me happy and most comfortable in my home is Vintage Farmhouse style incorporating lots of white and neutral colours.

I've FINALLY realised I can still love colour in other people's homes, but not have to think it would be great for me too, and keep recklessly splurging on colourful cushions and accessories, and repainting our walls different colours on a weekly basis! 

And after having this "decorating" changing revelation, I've spent my week repainting the living and dining areas, entryway and hallway in Dulux Natural White.

And Dulux White on White in the sunroom and kitchen.

And yes, I'm exhausted from painting. Lucky I've done it so many times before that I've got a bit faster at it. But now my home is the gorgeous white backdrop I love.

I have promised myself I will not be repainting or redecorating these rooms again any time soon. I might tweak, but nothing dramatic or spontaneous.

I will embrace my cosy neutral home. :)

:) Julie

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  1. I so hear you Julie. I love color too but if I stay true to my neutral whites and creams I am the happiest. I think if you surround yourself with what you love you will be the happiest.
    Love all your farmhouse designs.

    1. Thanks Kris. I agree. I love your home too! x J

  2. Julie, I cant believe it...I have came to the same conclusion about decorating (less color is more). I just painted my livingroom and hall, a very pale gray from a golden mustard! Now, I am off to the kitchen. I seem short on decorating ideas, but you blog seems full of great ones! Thank you for sharing! Leticia


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