DIY Padded Bed Head

I love my bed. It was on sale when I purchased it for half price and it was love at first sight. :) It had to be ordered and took approximately 4 weeks to arrive. I rang and chased it up continuously, thinking it was too good to be true and would never arrive. But it did. I love that it is really high off the ground and well made.  But, after many months of use and perseverance, it is painfully clear that the bed head is not very comfortable at all.  The metal bars are hard and cold and lumpy on our heads when we sit up in bed to read each night. Bummer.

So today I decided it was time to make a bed head to fit in with the one we had, but one that was padded and would cover those lumpy cold bars. I wanted it to be a sort of insert so I measured the inside of the main bars and venture off to Bunnings. They had sheets of 6mm MDF the exact length I wanted, but the width was a bit big. But the nice guy there cut it to size for me. 

Then on the way home I called into Spotlight and got some padding and fabric to cover it. The fabric was on sale at only $8 a metre. 

So when I got home I used a small plate to round off the edges so it would fit in the existing bed head. 

Then I laid my padding over the top and attached it with my staple gun. Then trimmed the excess off the sides. 

Then I covered it with my fabric and attached it with my staple gun also. 

I had a 30 x 90cm strip of MDF left over which I cut in half and used as legs for the bed head. I just measured how high it needed to be, then glued and screwed the legs on. I needed them to be flat so they would slip into the existing bed head.

And that was it. It fit in perfectly and is soft and comfortable without taking away too much from the original design of the bed. 

Total cost of this project was just under $50. 

:) Julie


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