Christmas Planning

Every year I like to have a differently decorated Christmas tree. So I do lots of looking around on the net for colours and themes that take my fancy a few months before. This year, I am drawn to an aqua and gold colour scheme.  Here are some of the pictures that have inspired me.

What colour will you be having this year?

:) Julie


  1. Very pretty colors and I am sure your tree will look stunning. I used to that but, it got that I spent so much money purchasing new Christmas decorations. Then keeping and storing all that - it got to be to much. So I just stay with my traditional red, since I have a wonderful red sectional couch in the living room and everything looks so good. i used to have a smaller tree in each room, but I stopped that last year, as it got to be to much work and I wasn't enjoying the holidays.
    Good luck on your new tree, I am sure it will be very pretty.


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