Vintage Green Painted Side Tables

I was lucky to come across these beautiful side tables recently. The gentleman who sold them to me said they were handmade in 1952. Aren't they adorable.  I love the Queen Anne legs and glass tops.

I forgot to take a before shot, but they were stained brown wood in their original condition.

Of course, they needed a restyle to be even more amazing. 

I used a quarter strength aqua green chalk paint.

Distressed lightly.

Then I used my black stain to apply and wipe off to give it a slightly darker and aged appearance.

Then added a coat of clear varnish. 

I don't know why, and help me out here if you do, but they varnish immediately started to dry slightly brownish in areas. 

I used the same varnish just recently and had no problems.  Having said that, I like the extra added aged effect it brings.

There were no drawer knobs so I drilled holes and added these super cute and sparkly clear crystal knobs.  Love them to bits!

I also decided to add some vintage charm by lining the drawers with genuine old sheet music pages.

Then back on with the beautiful glass tops.

And these cute side tables are finished. :)

:) Julie