A Little More Christmas in the Corner

Today I bought this cute little pine Christmas tree. 

It's perfect in the corner next to our sofa.

Sitting inside a cute metal bucket and surrounded with drop cloth fabric. 

The cute little wooden ornaments I picked up as well.

And the small gold baubles I already had.

I also put together a small Christmas vignette.

And I added a cute Christmas message to my chalkboard.

So happy with my little festive corner. 

:) Julie

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  1. Very cute! I also love those pillows! ~julie

  2. Such a gorgeous little corner of your room. I'm loving how everyone seems to be following the more simple and natural look this year.
    PS Did you realise you had misspelt Christmas on your chalkboard?

    1. Thanks Suzyq! It's a fancy "h" so it looks misspelt but it isn't . ;) Julie


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