A New Coffee Table for the Lounge Room

Although I loved our round coffee table, I have been keeping an eye out for something a bit bigger. The kids play on the coffee table (or should I say "kids table") a lot and they are often fighting for space. 

So when I saw this larger oval coffee table on Gumtree for a bargain price, I had to get it. I could not believe it was in such good condition when I got it home. I also most didn't want to do any DIY on it, almost. :)

Not much furniture comes into my home that doesn't get painted so I anguished over what I should do with this. Hubby wanted me to just paint the legs white and leave the top alone. But I'm not a big fan of dark stained wood with extra shiny lacquer. Blah!

Fate stepped in after I had had it less than 24 hours. I put a cup coaster on it and when I took if off a few hours later there was a strange milky white satin. I had no idea what it was (do you?) so I spray and wiped it and scratched it with my finger nail a few times and totally damaged the top. Bugger.

The stain faded away, but my efforts took off some of the lacquer and left scratch marks.  I think the lacquer might have bubbled??

So I painted the table white with chalk paint. Both the legs and the top. :)

Then sanded the edges to distress and gave it a couple of coats of clear varnish.

Aren't the details just gorgeous. 

I love it. The shape and size is perfect for our lounge room. 

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  1. Super cute and what a great size Julie.

    1. Thanks Kris! The size really is perfect. :) Julie

  2. Love the shape and the details-good eye Julie!

    1. Thanks Darrielle! It has so much more room than our round one and is a bit higher so the kids stools fit underneath which is an added bonus. :) Julie

  3. Hermosa transformación y aun más bella se la ve junto al sofa. Un rincón delicioso


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