A Roadside Rescue

I was driving home the other day and decided out of the blue to take a back street. Call it intuition or a roadside rescue calling to me. There it was, this massive vintage mirror on the roadside just begging me to take it home. Come to mama!

Here it is on top of my dining room buffet. I had been looking for a mirror to go over my buffet and this one will do just fine, especially cause it was free!!

It is in great condition. Just a few minor scratches and a few old paint marks. 

The glass is in perfect condition. And I love the intricate woodwork.

I just need to paint it white and then it will live on top of my buffet.  Score!

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  1. Oh my goodness!!!!! Why would someone just put that out on the road?! It's beautiful! What a score Julie!


    1. I know Tania. Someone else's crazy is my good fortune. But trust me, good free finds are rare. Does make me want to scour the streets in search of more treasures though. Lol. Julie

  2. Fabulous find!! It will look great painted white! I'm a new follower!!

    1. Thanks Kathy! Glad to have you along for the adventure. :) Julie

  3. Great find! Those two pieces look like they were made for each other. Why would anyone want to get rid of it?!?!

    Jamie | anderson + grant


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