Heading into the New Year

My Christmas decorations were up in early November and were just as fast to come down on Boxing Day. Like many others, I have so many empty spaces to fill so I'm slowly moving things around and changing things up a bit for the new year.

I've also got an itch to start new projects. 

So I'm making a list, and checking it twice. Oh dear, I'm still in holiday mode. Moving on.

This year, my goal is to bring in a bit more income and spend less money on things we don't need. Sorry kids, but there will not be a new toy every time we go to the shops. (Which reminds me I need to get onto that toy cull.)

With my youngest child starting school this year (tissues please) I'm hoping to find more time to grow my blog and focus more on my furniture restyling business.

I think 2015 is going to be a very busy year and I'm looking forward to the challenge. I hope you'll join me!



  1. I look forward to seeing 2015 with you!

  2. I know what you mean about trying to fill up the empty spaces after the Christmas decor is taken down. Everything starts to look a little empty so I always leave a few things up. Good luck with your 2015 goals!

  3. Thanks Sally! I look forward to following along with you in 2015 too! :) Julie


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