Cane Wreath and Canvas Easter Bunny

 Remember my Christmas wreath angel? Well I decided to recycle and restyle her for Easter.  Here is the before ...

After untying her, I used the larges and smallest wreaths and tied them together with a strip of canvas fabric. Using some white wool I made a cute fluffy pom pom and tied it on with some more wool.

Next I used an old icecream box to cut out the shape for the ears. I traced the ears onto canvas fabric and sewed them up. Then I sewed a strip for the neck bow.

I inserted the cardboard back into the ears to give them some stiffness. Then I threaded them through the back of the small cane wreath and hot glued the edges over.

I tied on the canvas bow, then hot glued everything to keep them in place.

And my cane wreath and canvas bunny was complete.

:) Julie

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  1. Julie,
    Just so cute. Great job.

  2. Julie this is too cute. Love the ladder


  3. What a great Easter project Julie! It's so cute :) I made it a friday favorite, you are welcome to come check it out here:

    Thanks for such a great post!
    Jennifer Mae


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