Farmhouse Style Toilet Room Makeover

Remember my orange bathroom tiles that I decided to reluctantly embrace? Well I found another solution. Vinyl adhesive tiles. 

To test them out I thought I would try them in the toilet room which has the same matching orange tiles but a lot smaller area.

The new tiles quickly lead to an entire toilet room makeover.

Here is a quick look at what I started with ...

And after ...

Massive difference. I absolutely love it. So much brighter too.

Firstly I thoroughly cleaned the floor. Then I laid out my tiles and decided where I wanted them and where I would need to trim. Sparkles also helped me with this task. Lol.

Then I began peeling off the backing paper and laying them down. Too easy. 

I made paper templates around the toilet to know where to cut my tiles. 

I couldn't leave the dreadful orange tiles on the wall, so I purchased some crown moulding to cover them all up! 

I had some crown moulding left over so I used it to add some more trim to the top and bottom of the window.

I also added a sheer curtain to the window which I had on hand and only had to cut and sew to size.

I found this really cool curtain rod end which is spring loaded at one end so you don't need brackets. It just sits in the rod, you press the ends together and fit it into the window.

I also decided to add some more moulding around the bottom of the floor to pretty it up and cover up where the tiles met the wall.

I caulked all my new moulding and painted it white.

I gave our wooden toilet roll holder a coat of the same bright white. I like the holder as it is easy for the kids to fill up and grab a roll to refill the holder next to the toilet. 

But I did purchase a new white toilet brush with a black rubber bottom to match in with the tiles.

Over all cost for the moulding was approx $30.

Tiles were approx $25.

New toilet brush was $10.

I had the caulk, paint, and curtain.

So overall the cost of this makeover was approx $65. 

I love the new tiles. They are softer and warmer under foot, especially now that we are going into winter.

Here is the before and after again ...

I'm planning on doing the bathroom as well and saying goodbye to my orange tiles forever!


  1. Love it, I recently used the stick on tiles in my bathroom too!


  2. Very nice transformation! Love the new bathroom :)


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