Our Farmhouse Style Combustion Wood Fire Installed

We had our wood fire installed on Friday. It almost didn't happen. It was raining on Friday morning so the installer turned up at 7.30, brought the unit in and says he'll be back on Monday when the rain stops to install it. He couldn't open up or roof while it was raining which was fair enough. But it was still disappointing.  Arrrugghhh!

So we stood in front of it with our sad faces on, rubbing our hands and pretending it worked. 

Then guess what, the rain stopped. Then installer came back and started the installation. Woohoo!

To get the exact location to install our fire, the installer poked a wire hanger up in the ceiling in the position we wanted it.

Then he went up on the roof and removed a few tiles so he could get into the roof and see where all the wood beams were and where he could install our flue. It was about 15cms over from where we had wanted it but we were still happy with that.  

The first part of the flue was installed into the ceiling.

And then some more.

And after the inside was finished, the outside flue was installed on the roof.

And just as he finished installing our wood fire, the rain started again! We consider ourselves very lucky to have had that gap in the weather. 

Then we were ready for the first lighting.

Lots of oohs and ahs here please. 

Hubby adding another log with his special gloves.

The cool vintage looking fire tools on a stand we got at Bunnings.

 And we are using the numbered crate on wheels that I made a few years back to hold our logs.

I'd love to make a faux mantle to go behind it, but maybe at a later date. 

I think it looks perfect on our DIY hearth

It's the perfect addition to our lounge / dining area. 

And toasty warm too!

I spent today rearranging the furniture to make our wood fire a focal point in the room. Once I'm happy with the arrangement I'll post some more pics. 

:) Julie


  1. I bet this will be perfect for cozy winter nights/days!

  2. Awesome Julie. That stove will keep you so warm in the winter months. Love the little wood holder with wheels too sweet. Have a great week.


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