DIY Wall Sconces

I have been wanting to make some wooden wall sconces for a long time.
I love candles and seeing them lit up  on the wall makes the room feel so cosy.

So, last week I put together my first wall sconces. 

I used some scrap wood and cut 2 different size rectangles and nailed 
them together at right angles. I also had some scrap moulding
 which I attached to the front of each sconce with Liquid Nails. 

Then I painted them white and added a picture hanger to the back. 

I had the glass candle holders in my stash, awaiting their new sconces. :)

I also drilled two holes on either side of the glass holders and 
threaded twine through for decoration and to hold them in place.

Then I hooked them securely over nails on the wall.

I've placed them on the wall in the lounge/dining room so I can 
enjoy them at night and during the day.

And here they are all lit up.

:) Julie

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  1. Super cool. These look wonderful. Happy New Week.

  2. Love them. A great idea. Maybe you could cut a circle out beneath the glass to let the glass sink down, then you wouldn't need to hold them in with the string. Just an idea.

  3. Love this project Julie and they look fabulous lit up on your wall too. Pinning!!
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne


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