Black, White and Grey Bathroom Makeover

Back in January I gave our bathroom a mini makeover 
and tried to convince myself to love our orange 
floor and wall tiles. 

Who was I kidding!

I still wasn't a big fan.

Then in June, I found a wonderful solution to 
cover the floor using vinyl tiles. 

I tested the idea on our toilet room and it worked fabulously!

So although I haven't been blogging much lately, 
I have been hard at work on our bathroom and a few other 
projects I hope to share shortly. 

I began with the floor tiles. 

First I decided to lay down sheets of plywood to make the 
surface super flat. I found with the toilet I got little grooves 
in the tiles where they sat above the grout lines of the old 
tiles underneath. It's not annoying in such a small area, but I knew 
using a flatter base was a better way to start this time.  
I spent around $20 in total on plywood.

And not forgetting to cut out a hole for the drain!

Next, I stuck down all my tiles that didn't need any cutting. 
I started along the front of the vanity as I knew this would be a 
focal point.

Then I measured and cut all all the fiddly bits and stuck then down. 
And ta da, the tiles were done. 

 I decided to finish off the edges by adding
 crown moulding. 

After doing my measurement I bought the moulding and cut all the 
pieces to size, numbering them as I went so I knew where the 
went along the walls, bath and vanity. 

Then they sat in the sun room for a few weeks till I was finally motivated 
to paint them.

I primed and painted them white before using Liquid Nails to attached 
them to the tiles and wall.

A week or so later I built up the courage to caulk all the moulding. 
I find caulking so messy! 
This would have to be one of the DIY jobs that I truly dread. 

Then I sanded them all and applied a final coat of white paint. 

Woohoo, finally the floor was all done!

In between trying to get motivated enough to finish the floor,  
I decided to tackle the orange floral wall tile border.  

In the toilet I applied crown moulding to cover the border tile, 
but getting moulding to stick to the bathroom wall 
was going to be too difficult. They had to be painted.

I didn't want to spend lots of money on special tile primer and 
paint for such a small area so I did a bit of research and came 
up with a cheaper solution.

I noted my "go to" Zinsser 123 Primer said on the tin it would adhere to ceramic tiles. 
So I rolled a coat onto the tiles first. 

Then I visited my local Bunnings Hardware where I was advised to use 
White Knight Spashes water based enamel. 
I chose black gloss cause I didn't want a white that would look weird 
if it was a different shade than the current wall tiles. 
This covered the tiles perfectly. 
I only taped the sides as I was using a small roller and working carefully 
I was able to avoid getting too much paint in the grout lines. 
The little bits that did get in were easy enough to scrap off.  

Watching the paint dry ...

And the finished tiles look great!

I wanted new towels as the orange ones were driving me crazy, 
and found these light weight grey ones for a bargain at Ikea. 
They feel nice, are a good size and dry super fast which 
is a bonus in winter.

While I was at Ikea I also purchased a new curtain for our shower/bath.
It is fabric and was in the regular curtain area, but I didn't want another 
tacky plastic one. 

Target had this fabulous grey bath mat. 
It is a great size, feels amazing underfoot and matches my new 
towels perfectly. I plan to buy another one!

I also found these cute grey and white towels in Target for half 
price on the same day so they came home with me too. 

I moved my vintage foot stool back near the bath to put my clothes on, 
and for easy access, our scales are conveniently stored beneath.

Here's a reminder of the before and after ...

 Now my toilet room and bathroom are matching and there is no orange in sight!

I'm thrilled! 

Both rooms are so white and bright now.

I guess the only downside is the white floor shows all the dirt now, 
which means it needs cleaning more often. 

But, small price to pay. :)

:) Julie

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  1. It looks beautiful! I used vinyl tiles in my bathroom too, don't you just love how they transform the room for such little money?!


    1. Thanks Tania. Yes, they are a great inexpensive idea. A lot warmer under foot too! :) Julie

  2. Looks great Julie and so bright and light!

  3. It looks great! I love how bright and clean it all looks! We have used the vinyl tiles before too and I love how they look. They may not last forever, but it looks good for now! Great job!

  4. Looks amazing Julie. We used the vinyl tiles for my daughters teenage black and white room a few years ago and she loved it. We did the same with the ply underneath and it worked perfectly. Hugs ~ Kerryanne


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