No Door Knockers Sign ~ Best Project I've Ever Done!

Okay, to some this may seem a bit inhospitable, but for us, it is the best project I have ever done!

This is the sign that greets "strangers" at our front door ...

We used to get a large number of electricity companies and solar energy representatives banging on our front door at all hours of the day, some just refusing to take no for an answer, no matter how nicely we declined.

It became stressful and upsetting to the point where I decided to take a stand.

I hung this sign near our front door.

(It used to include baby sleeping which was true to some extent cause I did have a toddler who took afternoon naps. Lol.)

And guess what!

In the whole like 3 years or so that I have had it hanging out there, only one "door knocker" has been brave enough to ring our door bell.  I didn't kill her, but I wasn't very happy. All I can say is lucky it was hubby who answered the door.

The postman and parcel delivery guy all know this sign is not for them and ring our bell when need be, and that I don't mind at all.  Who doesn't love getting deliveries!

Some people like to joke about our sign, but seriously I love it.

In fact, I also took a stand with our telephone line given the extreme amount of similar telemarketing calls we were receiving both from Australia and overseas.  I simply unplugged our phone. Now we get none. I don't have to run to the phone anymore or dread answering another painful foreign telemarketer.

Both these measures have made life a lot more peaceful. I am in control of who I communicate with and when. I like to think of my home as my haven, and by blocking out these intrusions, I really do.

:) Julie 


  1. Great and clever idea. Hope that works to keep those pesky sales peeps away from your front door.

  2. love the no knockers sign. We do not give our home's old style line to anyone except family. we give our cell to companies who insist they need one. Works for us. We aren't bothered by any sales pitches. Now to put up the no knockers sign!


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