Christmas Ornament Shadow Box

My husband's mother gave the children these cute little handmade Christmas ornaments a few years ago. They were so fragile that the kids used them once and I've had them in storage ever since. 

I came across them this year and decided to make a shadow box with them. 

I found this house shaped shadow box a few years ago at a
garage sale and thought it would be perfect.

I lined my ornaments up inside to check spacing,
and took a photo so I would remember where they all went.

I took the ornaments out and cut off all the hanging strings and glued any loose bits.

Then I dry brushed the shadow box with white paint. 
I wanted it to look a bit shabby.

Then I started putting all the ornaments back in, super gluing them in place as I went.

I added a hanger to the back and hung it on the wall in the lounge room.

How cute are those ornaments!

The snowflake cushions is also new. :)

:) Julie

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  1. This is adorable and clever - glad you were able to save the ornaments until the right time came along - I enjoy your posts very much - Merry Christmas -

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words. Wishing you a Merry Christmas too! Julie

  3. Love it! I have the very same ornaments. Gosh, I think they are about eight to ten years old now. My daughter hangs them on a wooden Christmas tree that counts down the days. I did photograph it this year.

  4. Lol. What a coincidence. I just popped over to your blog. Your home is beautiful and that cat of yours is just gorgeous! Thanks for finding me. I look forward to following along with you. :) Julie


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