Christmas Tree Sign


 You might remember from my Christmas home tour that I was working on a new sign for the dining room that was a bit more Christmasy.

Well, here she is ...

I cut a sheet of mdf to fit the inside of my frame. Then I dry brushed it with white pain.

I blew up a stencil of the wording and transferred it to a sheet of mdf. And the trees I drew freehand.

Then I used a black marker to fill it all in.

And I'm pretty happy with the result. 

:) Julie

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  1. Love it. I noticed the French sign pictured. Is that stenciled and if it is where did you get it?


    1. Hi Cindy, I made the original sign from mdf and added the pine wood frame. I found the writing online and blew it up and hand painted it on. Sorry, it's a one off. ;)

  2. Love the simplicity yet prettiness of your sign Julie!

  3. Love your sign and your dining room! It's always nice to find another blogger who loves to repurpose! Blessings!

  4. Awesome Julie. It looks great. Happy Week End.

  5. Amazing job Julie. The sign is so perfect in that spot too. I'm delighted to be featuring your tour and Christmas tree sign at Shabbilicious Friday tomorrow.
    Merry Christmas, Kerryanne xx


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