Toilet and Bathroom Restyled in Terracotta and Blue

I'm not calling it an epic fail, more like a live and learn.

Remember how I used vinyl tiles in the toilet room and bathroom to cover the gross orange tiles?

 Here are the before and after pictures ...



But after just 5 months, I was finding my white vinyl tiles were showing all the dirt, especially around the white skirting. It was driving me crazy. Don't get me started on the wee stains. Boys!

Then I noticed the toilet room started to smell like wee. We figured the wee must have been getting into the joins in the tiles. So I made the big decision to rip it all up.

And yes, it was damp underneath around the toilet. Eww! 

Crazily it didn't take too long to hammer off the trim and rip up the vinyl tiles. The worst part was the tile glue stuck to the floor, bit time! But after soaping it up a bit, it came of easily with a razor blade paint scrapper. As did any little bits of filler and Hard as Nails which I used to attach the trim.

The original orange tiles weren't really bad, in fact they were in excellent like new condition. It's just the colour that always bothered me. I couldn't find anything to match them and given my affliction with the colour white, they just weren't working for me.

But after putting down a plush grey mat, the orange tiles were't so bad after all.  And after closer inspection, they aren't really that orange, more like a terracotta colour.

See the wood trip I added mid way up the wall to cover the floral tiles? That ledge was just a dust catcher, so I decided to take that off too.

But the demo didn't stop there. 

Next I moved onto the bathroom.

This room was easier to remove the tiles as I had laid down sheets of MDF prior to laying them, so no dreadful tile glue to clean up.

You might also remember how I painted the feature wall tiles from this ...

To this ...

The paint job wasn't great and the edges gave away the fact that I had painted them.

So I used my paint scrapper and took all the black paint off again.

So now I'm back to this ...

And it looks a lot better.

Then I went totally crazy and decided to use my leftover paint from my dining room cabinet to paint the bathroom vanity and mirror a lovely shade of Taubman's Shindig Blue.

I even found some nice silver drawer knobs to match the rest of the silver bathroom fittings.

It looks fabulous and really pops!

But the floor grout was grubby and was letting the rooms down, again.

So, after a bit of research, I found out it is actually a good idea to try to match your grout colour to your tiles. I thought this might work in helping to make the grout look cleaner for longer (which had really bothered me in the past). I had painted the grout white before and it lasted a long time and looked fabulous, but maybe a closer matching coloured grout would work even better. So I mixed up my grout and added some orange paint that I had mixed to a similar shade as the tiles.

And this is how the toilet room floor turned out ...

And the bathroom floor ...

Then I swung back to the toilet room and decided to bring a bit of the blue in there too.  So I painted the window trim in a similar shade of blue. It also makes the window pop and the room feel more colourful.

Here's a before of the toilet ...

 and after ...

Bathroom before ...

And after ...

I'm sticking with the grey mats and towels for now.

I must say the orange floor tiles are growing on me and cause the grout now blends the tiles together, they appear to blend much better with the wooden floors outside the rooms as well. They won't show the dirt as much and will hopefully be easier to keep clean.

Stay tuned for some changes in the kitchen!

:) Julie


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